SHARPER FUTURESM is a private-sector mental health service provider specializing in the assessment and treatment of forensic populations and others with behavioral and mental health issues.

SHARPER is an acronym standing for "Social Habilitation And Relapse Prevention- Expert Resources" – a brief way of describing the treatment work the company provides. SHARPER FUTURE’s efforts are aimed at helping individuals deal with mental health impairments and unwanted behaviors to increase life satisfaction – both for themselves and for those with whom their lives are involved.

SHARPER FUTURE provides an array of assessment and treatment services in the realm of behavioral health. These services address the needs of those who request assistance or who have been referred and who require specialized evaluations or tailored interventions to address their problems and to meet the expectations of the various referral agencies with which they have become involved.

SHARPER FUTURESM is a division of Pacific Forensic Psychology Associates, a California corporation.