Evaluations & Reports

Expert evaluations and reports are often essential components of various criminal justice and other legal procedures and impact many of the decisions that make up the workings of the justice system. SHARPER FUTURE staff - licensed clinical psychologists and other qualified professionals - have increasingly developed a reputation for conducting assessments and providing reports that are clearly written, thorough, focused on the issues of concern, balanced and persuasive. The assessment of an individual who has been charged with or convicted of a sexual offense should only be conducted by those who are comfortable in the forensic role, who are fully familiar with this specialized field and who regularly evaluate and treat such persons. SHARPER FUTURE staff who conduct such evaluations bring extensive knowledge of the field and the relevant research, a background of regular contact with this population in evaluation and treatment settings, an ability to use and interpret the specialized instruments and techniques developed in the field (including the Penile Plethysmograph and Abel Screen), awareness of the requirements and limitations on the work imposed by the legal framework and a commitment to absolute honesty in their conclusions. Evaluators can also provide competent court testimony when it is required. Evaluations addressing legal issues other than sexual offending can also be arranged.