We at SHARPER FUTURE believe that every individual is entitled to live in a safe community and to have opportunities for a satisfying life.

To assist in attaining these goals, we strive to be Expert Resources in providing Social Habilitation and Relapse Prevention services to a diverse population, including individuals who have mental health and behavioral issues. In close collaboration with relevant agencies, we provide intensive, research-based assessment and treatment programs to manage, contain, and reduce anti-social, abusive and self-damaging behavior.

We are a team of inter-disciplinary, licensed mental-health professionals and associates who treat substance abusers, sex offenders and others involved with the criminal justice system, individuals with mental health issues and associated behavior problems, and others at risk of engaging in activities potentially harmful to other persons or to themselves and in need of improving their capacity for self-management.

While there are no cures for many of the conditions we address, our containment and treatment approaches use techniques proven to address mental health and related problems, increase accountability, improve self-control, and reduce undesired behavior.