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California Corrections Agencies

California Codes

Find a California Code- CA law consists of 29 codes. Information reflects current laws.


California Department of Corrections Home Page.


California Sexual Assault Investigators Association.

CA Department of Mental Health

California Department of Mental Health Home Page.

Corrections- General

Florida Sex Offender Law

Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Guidelines to Florida Sex Offender Laws- Legal Bulletin.

Federal Regulations

National Archives and Records Administration: Code of Federal Regulations.

U.S. Department of Justice: Office of Justice Programs- Helping the nation prevent and control crime.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics: Table and Figure List- Searchable data.

Prisoner Rehabilitation: Lionheart Foundation- National Emotional Literacy Projects.


Department of Psychology: Simon Fraser University- Psychopathy Resources.

Institute of Corrections

U.S. Department of Justice: National Institute of Corrections- Information, Resources, and Training.


American College of Forensic Examiners International.

Correctional Counseling

Correctional Counseling, Inc.: Cognitive-behavioral staff training & outpatient offender-specific services.

Federal Agencies

Institute of Justice

The National Institute of Justice: The Research, Development & Evaluation Agency of the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

Correctional Agency

California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency.

Library of Medicine

National Library of Medicine: Entrez PubMed-NCBI.

Alabama Sex Offenders

Alabama State Sex Offender Registries: Alabama Dept. of Public Safety & Alabama Criminal Justice Info. Ctr.

Monitored Visitation Guidelines from CAPSAC (California Professional Society on the Abuse of Children).

Official California Legislative Information.

Breaking the Silence: Canadian directory of Sex Offenders, Sex Offense Laws, Victim Notification, Publications...

Victims of Crimes

The Official Office for Victims of Crimes: Putting Victims First.

Miscellaneous Resources


Website helps users locate people, translate words, find maps, convert currency, and use other search tools.

Research and Publications

Motivational interviewing and its applications to special populations, library & training materials.

Washing State Institute for Public Policy: Sex Offender research, Meghan's Law, and links to community notification & state data.

Washington State Institute for Public Policy: Sexual Predator Commitment Laws.

Nichols & Molider Psychosexual Test Instruments

Nichols & Molinder Assessments- Authors and Publishers of Psychosexual Test Instruments.

Nichols & Molinder Sex Inventory

Nichols & Molinder Multiphasic Sex Inventory II- Adult Male Form.

Prevent Abuse Now

Child Sexual Abuse Laws, Sex Offender Registries, as well as prevention and protection information.

Robert Hare

Robert Hare's site for the study of Psychopaths, Sociopaths, Violent Offenders, and Serial Killers.


Penile Plethysmograph: Daubert vs. Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical- Legal Brief.


Polygraph Law Resource Page including appeals and trial decisions.

Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic Psychiatry Online: Psychiatry Online- A Priory Medical Journal with links to various articles.


Andrea Dworkin's online library, various writings, books, speeches, interview, biographical and anti-pornography info. & more.

Child Molestation Prevention

Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute- Early Diagnosis and Effective Treatment- includes a national list of over 350 treatment providers.

Sex Offender Information

Peter Banning

This site carries the various writings of Peter Banning, a recovering child molester.

Child Physical and Sexual Abuse: Guidelines for Treatment.


US Dept. of Justice: Juveniles Who Have Sexually Offended- a review of professional literature.

William Marshall

Dr. William Marshall's Home Page

Jacob Goldenflame

Jacob Goldenflame- a sex offender's guide to recovery.

KB Solutions

Structured Sex Offender Treatment Review.

Age of Consent

Legal age of consent around the world.

Minnesota Sex Offender Board Study

Sex offender management and policy board study, 2000.

Sex Offender Info

Sex offender information, readings, links and commentary.

Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute- Early Diagnosis and Effective Treatment- includes a national list of over 350 treatment providers.

Sex Offender Treatment


The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers.


The Center for Sex Offender Management.


The California Coalition on Sexual Offending.

Sexual Abuse Treatment, Referral, Resource & Research

Matthew Rosenberg and associates present articles, research & online consultation and supervision.


Stop It Now... because there is a way to prevent child sexual abuse.

Official California legislative information.

Polygraph Association

American Polygraph Association - professionals dedicated to truth.


A Clinical Criminology site-information on a paramedical profession similar to forensic psychology.


IATSO- International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders, founded in Venezuela.

Sinclair Seminars

Sex Offender Re-offense Risk Assessment Videotape Training Program.

Scott Meier

Counseling & Psychology related sites from Dr. Scott T. Meier, University of Buffalo.

Toni Cavanagh Johnson

Toni Cavanagh Johnson provides consultation and training materials in the area of sexual victimization & domestic violence.

Victim Resources

Violence Against Women

Violence against women online resources.

Klaas Foundation

Klaas Kids Foundation and links to Megan's Law.

Kempe Center

Founded by Dr. Henry Kempe in 1972, this children's center leads the fight to end child abuse and neglect.

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