Sex Offender Treatment

Sex Offender Treatment Program:

Specialized treatment for individuals who have committed sexual offenses is a key component of the overall management of such offenders in the interest of future community safety. Referrals to this highly structured program generally are convicted sex offenders referred directly by a parole agent or a probation officer. After careful initial assessment, each qualified participant moves into a group-based, sequenced, psycho-educational curriculum, which addresses the core issues related to the offense. Participants are expected to acknowledge their sexual problems and admit having committed their offense. Intensive cognitive-behavioral interventions focused on relapse prevention address the distorted thinking, emotional disturbances and maladaptive behaviors associated with re-offense risk. Frequently substance abuse issues have played a part in the offense chain and must be directly addressed in treatment concurrently with the sex offense factors. Aftercare opportunities follow the intensive treatment period. SHARPER FUTURE works collaboratively with referring agencies and urges the adoption of the "Containment Model" for sex offender management.