Mission Statement

SHARPER FUTURE serves the public, the mental health, forensic and substance abuse professions, and other healthcare providers, by developing and implementing standards that promote excellence in continuing education to support professional competence and continuous improvement of service delivery and client care.

Vision Statement

SHARPER FUTURE will be the catalyst for transformation in our communities and beyond. We will use our extraordinary resources — our people, our foundation, our diverse cultures and our thirst to improve client care — to deliver consistently exciting and empowering experiences for life-long learning and personal growth. Collectively, with our expertise and passion, we will educate mental health professionals with evidenced-based interventions and sound clinical theory.


Innovative expertly delivered professional development, training and consultation. We implement a model that encompasses personal and professional development needs and creates capacity for delivery of effective, holistic care for individuals and a variety of populations.

Collaborative Model

As a team of mental health, substance abuse and forensic professionals, we model interprofessional teamwork in the manner in which we create, facilitate, and develop interprofessional education.  We provide a seamless and efficient team-based planning and evaluation process for developing and delivering educational programs designed to improve the quality of care to clients and the public.

Improved Outcomes

Our overall goal is to champion improved outcomes and service delivery within the mental health profession.  We identify and address mental health and substance abuse needs and disparities. We accomplish this by establishing educational initiatives designed to increase knowledge, enhance performance, and improve outcomes with forensic, substance abuse and mental health consumers and with our public safety partners and stakeholders.

Evidence-based Research & Technology

We are driven to discover and improve practice by using evidence-based research in the context of providing continuing education curriculum. We consistently build on our strengths to build capacity, improve the quality of teaching, and enhance our ability to measure the impact of these efforts. We strive to use cutting edge technology in the delivery of our services


We act ethically and honestly toward our clients, partners, colleagues, and community.


We respect, recognize, and appreciate our similarities and differences.